Book Ordering: Water - The Substance of Life

Book Ordering: Water - The Substance of Life

"This book is not a scientific study. It is an attempt rather to destil the essence of the experience gathered in a lifetime's concern with water, both in practical terms and in the thought I have given to the problems connected with it." "... it is the expression of a sense of responsibility towards this lifegiving element and all those dependent on it, an awareness that has grown constantly with the years." Viktor Dulger, Heidelberg, August 1998.

Ecology and industry are still widely regarded as irreconcilable opposites. But in Germany industry has long since developed into the real driving force behind ecological progress. Vice versa, much of the impetus for growth in the automotive industry, the energy business and even the chemical industry derives from advances in the ecological sector.

The key players are enterprises that for years now have been dedicating their entire research and development potential to this area. Together they represent what has become a major branch of industry specializing in environmental technologies and services.

The ProMinent Group is among the front runners in this flourishing new sector. One of the cornerstones of the unprecedented ProMinent success story is the outstanding significance accorded to environmental policy in Europe.

This book grew out of a lecture designed to heighten awareness of what is certainly one of the most crucial conservation issues facing us today. Instead of rehearsing the usual scenarios, it proposes a plan of action that could both generate solutions for existing ecological problems and chances for the economic growth of our industry.

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